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Free Try Lax Clinics
  • Sunday, 2:00pm CDT   Ical event icon
  • We will be located on Stevens Field Turf (just South of the football stadium). Bathrooms are between Stadium & Fields. Parking Instructions: Park in lot directly in front of the field. Entrance for Clinic will be on the left BEFORE the Scott Guardhouse at the end of Normandale Rd. Players / families will NOT have to go through Security Checkpoint to access parking. Security officers will still be active on campus. Details: Please bring your own water and, if you have your own, your lacrosse stick. Finally, registering is open and rolling. If you have any friends interested in joining us, they can come anytime. They don’t have to be there the first week.
  • 9700 Saints Circle, Fort Worth, TX, USA
  • Event Category: Meeting, Game