Required equipment for ALL practices and games:


1) NOCSAE Approved Helmet (white preferably but flexible)

2) Mouthpiece..Mouthpiece ..Mouthpiece.  I recommend always having one extra in lacrosse bag for the time your son forgets or loses it and doesn't tell you about it.

3) Protective Gloves designed for Lacrosse

4) Shoulder Pads designed for Lacrosse

5) Athletic Supporter with protective Cup

6) Athletic cleats/shoes for Natural and Artificial Turf.

7) Lacrosse Stick as per U.S. Lacrosse Regulations.  Info on www.uslacrosse.org


Practice Uniform: White pennie or jersey so I can issue a colored practice pennie for scrimmaging. Shorts of their choice.  Dress accordingly for the weather.