FWYLA Update on season in response to Corona-COVID 19 outbreak

Dear Fort Worth Lacrosse Family, 

THSLL/TGHSLL and DFWL/TGYLL (which govern lacrosse in high school for boys and girls and from 1st through 8th for boys and girls, respectively) have extended the suspension of all games through April 12th.

The duration of the THSLL/TGHSLL and DFWL/TGYLL game suspension is based on information available at this time and may change as circumstances warrant.

Final decision by FWYLA regarding continuation of the season will be heavily influenced by THSLL/TGHSLL, DFWL/TGYLL and FWISD.  In the event of a season cancelation, the FWYLA board members will meet to discuss an equitable refund policy.  At this time, the FWYLA board asks that you refrain from requesting refunds.  Thank you for your understanding with this request.

There will be more communication as the situation develops.

Thank you,

FWYLA Board of Directors





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